Anal Adam4Adamn sex, a penis entering either a female or a male anus. This penetrative sex as another mode of pleasure wield during sexual intercourse.

Nerve bundles equally to other sexual stimuli sensitive body parts serve the anus. It’s known that anal sex takes a lot of flak from sexual taboos of modern society. Some misinformed people hold anal sex as dirty and gruesome. A line of perception that too has deteriorated since the advent of the AIDS pandemic.

A sexual Adam4Adamn pleasure yielded believed to stem even from taboo mongering, whereupon the act of doing something whether wrong or naughty according to society’ is perhaps utterly exciting. As for men, given that the anus is poorly lubricated and somewhat tight, renders the idea even more exciting.

The various positions that a female figure should be at for more comfort in penetrative sex is such highly exciting factor for men as well, who reportedly feel more powerful, dominant, in sexual affairs.

However, anal sex isn’t every o­ne’s cup of tea. People should know best what gives them sexual pleasure. There are those who would enjoy licking and touching but won’t tolerate the idea of penetrative sex.

For the sake of information, the anus is extremely stretchable and bound to endure even a fatty-penis. So much for fist fucking, a highly skilful technique supposedly gives off great pleasure. Not for the fainthearted tough, for apprentice starts with o­ne finger and builds up from there. As known, the rectum is the final part of the digestive tract and so highly contagious, mostly bacteria. Contact with other body parts may cause serious infections. Anal sex is STD’s main door such as AIDS and Hepatitis B, thus the need for safer sex. The first anal sex experience may be followed by pain or discomfort, as much as inexperience, tension and insecurity are influencing factors. However, as time goes by, if someone enjoys anal sex will turn more relaxed as pain tends to recede turning into sexual pleasure.

Muscles relax from easygoing mind-approach, that is to say, anal sex pleasure takes self-control. Feeling at ease helps self-acknowledgement. When having shower try and shovel a finger up ever so slowly while releasing muscle tension. Keep nails short and always lubricated before inserting in anything. When a finger starts to feel kind of all right go for twos and then threes, constantly probing before moving o­nto serious poking. And with practice, anyone can afford a whole hand in and then some.

Sex partners should take advantage of foreplay added by loads of lubes or play the old 69 giving the anus a good lather of saliva prior penetration.

Some sexual positions enable anal sex farther, made possible by popular demand are:

She o­n top- ideal for the newcomer as she gets to set pace and depth of penetration.

From rear- the old in out as she kneels down exposing her hidden secrets, now there’s a catch, for each time a penis goes inside the vagina the condom has to be changed before it goes in the anus due to the threat of cross-infection. Sign of the times.

Face to face- she o­n her back bring knees up to chest height placing feet o­n his shoulders. Easy penetrative angle of sex, unsuitable for beginners.

Back view- she places a pillow mound underneath her tummy while he lies o­n top opening her cheeks with hands. Degree of difficulty-quite hard.

But it all comes down to personal experience, Find out yours and spread around.

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